About Us

Fundamental Principles of TAISEI

TAISEI proudly offers to the world our high quality products, which were developed using advanced technologies. Our principles are taken from Japanese culture in addition to the Japanese' fine sensibilities and love of natural beauty.

Our company's fundamental principles are: "Customer Satisfaction" , "Prosperous Coexistence" and "Building Bridges".

"Customer Satisfaction"

Keeping up with demands overseas, and having respect for customers at all times, TAISEI commits to offer the best suited, high quality products at an appropriate price as well as our best service cultivated in years’ of experience.

By successfully satisfying our customers, TAISEI creates an environment where employees are also content. This creates a synergetic effect; motivated staff further satisfy the customers.

"Prosperous Coexistence"

Upon full understanding of the positions of both customers overseas and domestic suppliers, TAISEI fulfills its role as a trade facilitator, standing between and striving for the unified development of our partners.

We consider our motivated and ambitious employees the most precious property for company growth, and our policy is to value and respect them.

"Building Bridges"

Since the establishment of the company in 1970, during rapid changes in the Japanese economy, TAISEI has built up a reputation of trust with partners by promptly taking measures against difficulties, especially for the exporter.

As a “Bridge” between customers overseas and domestic suppliers, TAISEI continues its efforts to create business. We would also like to be a “Bridge” that leads our company's development to each individual employee’s happiness.